About Workman.net.au

Workman.net.au is focused on servicing the needs of rural and remote Australians.

Our passion is to provide remote and rural Australians with the same level of IT service as people in the major population centres receive.


The beginning…


In 1980 Mark Workman used an Apple II Plus and an acoustic coupler to send an urgently needed document from Sydney to Perth.  The document sped across the Australian continent at 300 bits per second.  That is not fast compared to current ADSL standards of 10 to 20 million bits per second but it began a lifelong passion for computer networking and using its power to overcome the tyranny of distance that hampers Australian business development outside of the capital cities and the eastern seaboard.


Apple II PlusPlusAcoustic CouplerEqualsDocument transmitted


The Mission


At Workman.net.au we want people living in remote Australia to have  the same opportunity to benefit from computer and Internet technology as those in major cities.  Our mission is to ensure that our clients get the return they want from their investment in computers and Internet services regardless of where they are located.


"That computer bloke from Sydney wanted us to go and get a part from Dick Smtih's. I sent him a link to a map..."


We are committed to delivering our services in a straight forward, honest way, free from techno-babble  feeble excuses and unsavoury business practices.


When you are in Cobar or Thargomindah drop in for a chat.  It doesn’t cost to look.  And you never know, you might like something you see.