At Workman.net.au we believe that every business needs to operate on an ethical basis


Ethics is just good business


We have adopted a few simple principles that guide all we do


  • Treat people as you want to be treated

  • Perform work to professional standards

  • Take people seriously when they have a problem

  • Behave respectfully towards everybody

  • Obey the law


Those simple things keep us on track. The important thing is we have a commitment to ethical business practices


Workman.net.au works for its customers. Their best interests guide all the work we do for them


  • We don’t have any restrictive supplier relationships so we are  free to give advice and specify  equipment that suits our customers needs

  • We tell our customers the truth about the work we do for them

  • We only say we can do things that we can really do

  • We don’t sell things to people that they don’t need

  • We charge a fair price for the services we provide

  • Our pricing is straight forward and easy to understand

  • We don’t charge for our mistakes

  • We do our work professionally

  • We aim for excellence in everything we do

*It’s not always easy to behave ethically and people do make mistakes.  If any of our customers feel that they have received service from Workman.net.au that falls short of these commitments I encourage them to contact me directly to discuss it.
Mark Workman